Bullying Prevention

Bullying occurs when a person uses their power or tries to gain power by repeatedly and intentionally targeting another person or group of people. When this occurs through technology, it is called cyberbullying.  Use these resources to prevent and intervene in bullying


  • BullyBust - This website includes several resources on bullying and being an upstander, including information for educators and movie video clips associated with activities and discussions to have with students.
  • The Cyberbullying Research Center - This website has several resources, including research, lesson plans, and tips.
  • Education.com - This website provides several articles about bullying, including cyberbullying and bullying around identity issues.
  • PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center - This website provides lots of information and resources on bullying, including tools and lessons you can use with your students.
  • Stop Bullying - This website provides lots of information on bullying and how to respond to it, with a section for educators.

Assessment Tools


"What's Behind a Door" written and directed by Peter Ferris Rosati

This visual poem was created by WJC artists to give viewers a sense of how it feels to be targeted at school.


Implementation Tools

  • Dealing with Bullying in Schools - This guide provides tips for dealing with bullying involving students with special needs.
  • Eyes on Bullying - This guide provides a toolkit with information on bullying for educators and activities they can do with their students.
  • The Peer Advocacy Guide - This guide provides information for starting a peer advocacy group to prevent bullying of students with disabilities.
  • Social Emotional Learning Toolkit - This toolkit provides information on Social Emotional Learning programs and how they help prevent bullying.
  • Steps to Address Bullying at Your School - This document provides information for school administrators about best ways to address bullying that occurs at their school.

This video goes along with the Students Take on Cyberbullying lesson.

Cyberbullying Prevention