Ten Reasons to Start a Conflict Resolution Program

1. Teaches the skills to resolve one’s own problems


Students learn to negotiate their own conflicts with one another rather than having to turn to an adult, a skill that will help them succeed throughout life.

2. Improves self-esteem

beyonce self esteem

Students feel better about themselves as they are able to come up with creative solutions to their own problems with others.

3. Saves time spent on discipline

Educators no longer have to take valuable time away from academics in order to resolve their students’ conflicts.

4. Keeps students in the classroom focused on learning

Rather than receiving punitive, top-down disciplinary actions that take them out of the classroom, students are able to develop solutions that keep everyone able to focus on academics.

5. Promotes critical thinking skills

goku critical thinking

Using problem-solving skills when involved in conflict exercises the brain’s critical thinking capacity.

6. Raises academic achievement

celebrating academic achievement

Students feel empowered to resolve their own conflicts in ways that work for them, so they can concentrate on learning rather than worrying about disputes.

7. Builds relationships and community

bears cooperating

As students resolve their problems with one another, they learn about other’s perspectives and how to collaborate with one another.

8. Enhances positive school climate


Students have stronger relationships with their peers and educators and the skills to work through challenges that arise.

9. Develops twenty-first century skills

21st century skills

Building effective conflict resolution skills is imperative for succeeding in the workplace.

10. Encourages productive resolution of conflicts in all areas of life

Conflict resolution skills that students develop aid them in all areas of their lives, in turn spreading to others among their homes, schools, and communities.