What Does Your School Do?

Break your students in groups of four to discuss the following questions.  Then bring them back together to discuss as a group.  You can take notes and provide recommendations to the administration.  

  • What does your school do to prevent bullying?
  • What kind of education is done on this issue, for students, educators, and parents/guardians? 
  • What kind of environment does your school promote as far as relations between people on campus?  
  • How do they do this?  What could they do better?
  • What other kinds of things do you think your school could do? i.e., restorative practices

School Policies

  • Get copies of your school's policies on bullying and review with your students.  
  • Discuss with your students:
    • How easy are they to understand?
    • How well are they communicated to people on campus?
    • What do you think is good about them?
    • What do you think should be changed?  
    • How could they be changed? 
  • Now have your students review these model policies: GLSEN: Model School Anti-Bullying and Harassment Policy and Michigan State Board of Education Model Anti-Bullying Policy
  • How would your students modify their answers to the last two questions above after reviewing these?
  • Bring any recommendations to your administration. 

School Climate

Consider doing an anonymous survey of students on campus to find out more about the climate at the school. This will help you to figure out recommendations for administration such as information on where more adult supervision might be needed, and will provide you with ideas about educational and awareness-building activities and events you could hold.