school tools

School Tools is a resource website for educators interested in accessing quality materials on conflict resolution in order to enrich their students’, as well as their own, knowledge and skill base. The tools here are useful for resolving conflicts in the school setting, as well as throughout people’s daily lives.

Teachers can access full conflict resolution lessons for their classes/clubs and also find first-rate resources on a variety of topics, including effectiveness of conflict resolution education, building support in their schools, and implementation of programs.

The site content is enhanced with original videos for a more rich and interactive learning experience.

School Tools is a project of Western Justice Center and Encompass.



Videos: Kevin Blake, Peter Ferris Rosati, Nicole Nelson-Campos
Visual Art: Michelle Gong, Lachlan Turczan
Photography: Brian Joseph, Gloria Juang

Special thanks to all of the actors - students from the ENCOMPASS Service-Learning Class at the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts. 

Curriculum Design - Skyler Jackson, Emily Linnemeier, Teresa Wang