Conflict Resolution Education

Conflict Resolution Education teaches students how to analyze conflicts they are involved in and approaches they can take to handle them, as well as communication skills and processes for resolving them.

Peer Mediation Videos

Peer Mediation is a process where students are trained to impartially guide their peers in a voluntary and confidential process where they come up with their own solutions to conflicts they have with one another.

Peer Mediation Introduction

This introduction to Peer Mediation, created by Western Justice Center, discusses the most important points to consider when performing peer mediations.

On-the-Spot Mediation

This video provides an example of how mediation skills can be used informally in students' lives to resolve the issues they have with one another.

Bad Mediator

This video, created by Western Justice Center, looks at a mediation performed by people who don't know what they are doing. It provides a humorous way for students to learn about peer mediation from the perspective of how not to do it.

Bad Mediator Training

This video, created by Western Justice Center, features a bad mediator providing training advice to new mediators, alongside another mediator who actually knows what she is talking about.

Don't Give In to the Drama

This series of videos illustrates a high school mediation and shows ways to proceed with and without an agreement.  



  • Creating Harmony in the Classroom - This publication is designed to help students learn how to successfully manage conflict in their lives, with a focus on students with special needs. 
  • Kids Health - These lessons teach upper elementary students about conflict through using fairy tales and an imaginary call-in radio show.
  • The New Jersey State Bar Foundation - These lessons are for elementary school students in conflict resolution and peer mediation.



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